Disability Awareness Day Virtual
Sunday 25th October 2020
Disability Awareness Day Live
Sunday 18th July 2021
Disability Awareness Day
Sunday 25th october

International Disability Awareness Day

During the past 27 years we have received hundreds of contacts from individuals and organisations from across the world interested in organising a Disability Awareness Event.

This includes small events such as having a guest speaker talk to a group about disability awareness, small to medium sized disability sports, rights or information events through to full scaled exhibitions similar to ours. 2014 saw an even greater level of world-wide interest in International Disability Awareness. This included interest in the UK from the BBC and ITV television, regional and national radio stations, The Guardian newspaper and all of the leading disability press. Internationally reference to Disability Awareness Day could be found on the websites of organisations in India, Cameroon, Mexico, and America. This prompted us to set up this section of our website to collect and share activity that individuals and organisations are planning for the International Day of Disability Awareness .

Tell us what you or your organisation is doing for the International Day of Disability Awareness on the 14th July 2019 and we will tell everyone about it on this page.

DAD India – The MESSAGE Institute based in Rajasthan will be continuing their tradition of supporting Disability Awareness Day by holding another event this year at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s Vidyashram, Pratap Nagar. Jaipur. Rajasthan. INDIA.

DAD Cameroon – Closing the Gap, a user led disability organisation will be holding an event to celebrate Disability Awareness Day.

DAD Uganda – Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation are holding their second Disability Awareness Day Expo for four days in July. Their aim is to reach out to over 15 million Ugandans.

DAD Egypt –St Mark's Universal Copt Care based in Cairo with links to their UK Headquarters in Warrington. StMUCC will be raising awareness of their impending mobility and independant living equipment project (Phoenix) that will be launched later this year in partnership with Warrington Disability Partnership.

DAD Thailand – 1 Step 2 Step, an international aid charity suporting disabled childrens homes across Thailand will be raising awareness of their partnerships with the UK and disability awareness in general.

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